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  • "My sweet dog has been partially paralyzed as a result of a spinal cord insult. She is currently at Wilmington Animal Fitness & Rehabilitation Center with Dianne Logan, CCRP. "Little-D" has received balance/coordination exercises; electrical stimulation to her weakened muscles; therapy laser to her painful joints and most recently, is beginning hydrotherapy-treadmill. What I appreciate most is the involvement I am allowed. I am with "Little-D" throughout her therapy and am able to learn techniques to use as home exercises for the days she does not attend rehab."
    Jayne B.
  • "My poodle, Gucci has been diagnosed with IVDD. My vet referred us to Dianne Logan at Wilmington Animal Rehab in lieu of surgery. He is doing great, thanks to Dianne. He is now on a laser treatment maintenance schedule and is responding well to the treatments.

    Thank you, Dianne"
  • "In July, 2010, my little dachshund, Duke, had back surgery and he was not able to walk for eight months. I went everywhere to find help for him and on March 31, 2011, I found Dianne Logan at Wilmington Animal Fitness & Rehabilitation Center. Now Duke is walking after four weeks and 12 treatments!"
    Alice K
  • "We are so pleased with the care and attention that our dog, Angel, has received during her physical therapy. Dianne Logan's patience and caring are just great and Angel is able to walk up the stairs again."
    Bruce and Connie
  • "Working with Dianne has been amazing. My dog, Bella, is back to normal and rehab definitely made a difference in recovery and speed of recovery after her ACL surgery. Dianne even called every other day to check on Bella in her recovery and was always available if I had questions."
  • "I’d like to thank both of you for all you’re doing for Heidi. I am amazed at the difference in her mobility and vitality!
    The Adequan injections and Tramadol, combined with laser treatments and underwater treadmill, are a perfect combination and she appears to be 5 years younger as a result!

    Heidi is now able to go on longer walks (usually carrying her football all the way home). She is enjoying playing with her toys again and jumps up on the sofa with renewed energy.

    It’s amazing how so many people come up to me and ask if Heidi is still a puppy—truly remarkable for a dog who will soon be 15 years old! I attribute it all to the good veterinary care that she receives. Thanks for all you do!"
    Trish…and Heidi
  • "My dog, Sandy, is a 10-year-old German shepherd mix with severe arthritis of both hips and elbows. She had reached a point where she struggled to stand and was reluctant to walk. A friend recommended laser therapy and our vet referred us to Wilmington Animal Fitness & Rehab Center where Sandy met Dianne Logan. Within two weeks of receiving laser therapy, my friends and I noted that Sandy was more active and was moving much more easily. Working with Dianne and Shana has been an enjoyable and very rewarding experience and Sandy and I say: “Thank you so much!”"
    Roberta G
  • "Reese and I are so grateful to you and Shana for all the care, expertise and magic that you have given to us that has enabled Reese to have a normal life, hopefully devoid of pain for years to come.

    Thank you so much for being in our lives and for being there for us."
    Connie C

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